Story Merchant Book Marketing


·         18,000 EMAILS OF US PUBLIC LIBRARIANS…verifiable and updated every quarter..

·         25,000 university librarians: email list

·         2400 canadian public librarians email list

·         1500 UK ACADEMIC LIBRARIAN email list

·         4400 canadian ACADEMIC librarian list

Effective library marketing is an essential aspect of making your print (and e-book) book visible to the widest audience. Public libraries and university libraries often order in bulk, require little or no discount, and always pay on time. We WILL PROMOTE YOUR BOOK AND BOOK TRAILER directly to thousands of public library librarians and university and private school librarians that make the decisions on which books they will purchase.

Our mailing lists of public libraries and university libraries include libraries with the largest number of volumes and the largest budgets. Our contacts at libraries buy for thousands of their branches. You will not be wasting your book marketing budget on public and college libraries that are unlikely to purchase your books.

There is no guarantee that email marketing will increase your sales. Nobody can guarantee a sale.  What we CAN gurarantee is that your book, trailer, book review and synopsis will reach an important group of people that must be able to see your product to buy it.

We will save you hundreds of hours of work.

We will make your book VISIBLE