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We know it’s not easy to get book reviews but we have a solution for you. We are giving you an opportunity to get your book reviewed by independent bloggers! So…Populate the internet, get good SEO, and let people know about your book.

This is not like a blog tour. We don’t schedule posting dates nor do we post the blurb off your book on sites we created ourselves. We make arrangements with genuine and independent bloggers that want to read your book.

Each independent blogger will:

  1. Post the review on their own blog
  2.  Post the review on **
  3. Post the review on
  4. Post the review on two other sites of their choice. (e.g. GoodReads, Shelfari, etc.)
  5. Announce the review via FaceBook and Twitter
  6. Have a book giveaway contest on their blog if you provide an extra copy of the book. (Optional request by author.)

We will:

  1. Put out a call for bloggers. The bloggers are targeted in the genre they like to read. Bloggers apply to review the book and we will choose the appropriate bloggers from the applications.
  2. Give you the names and addresses of bloggers interested in reviewing your book.
  3. Send you the links once the reviews are posted to the blogger’s and other sites.

You will:

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Pay for the service.
  3. Send books to the bloggers.
  4. Wait for us to send you the links for posted reviews.

Our Guarantee:

  1. We guarantee you will get the the number of blog reviews you order. *
  2. The bloggers will give you their own personal opinion of what they read. This means it may not be a 5-star raving review but it also means they will give an honest review from their perspective. And, no, we will not ask the blogger to remove the review if you don’t like it. It would be unethical on our part not to allow the blogger to exercise their freedom of speech.


Bloggers will review print books or ebooks.


All genres are accepted, either Fiction or Nonfiction.