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The Author Showcase ™ is a professionally hosted and edited video interview that allows you to introduce yourself to the potential buyer and talk about your book!
Video interviews of Authors, are, along with Book Trailers, becoming the most important marketing tools needed to promote and sell your book.
Let readers, booksellers, librarians and studio film and tv executives get to know you better. Give a personable, informative introduction to what they are about to read.
Author interviews are extremely popular and effective, and perfect for online distribution to thousands of sites, including YouTube, Google, MySpace, Facebook, speciality websites, bookmarking sites, bookseller sites, book blogs and book forums.
Our new “Instaview(tm)” video technology allows you to be interviewed from your home, office, hotel, on tour or on vacation using any MAC or PC, Iphone or IPAD.

The Author Showcase is remarkable!

*Standard definition video
*Your book cover image on screen and info on where to buy your book.
*We provide a professional television style host
*Prepared questions you will want to answer!
*No time limit! Pay by the minute! (minimum 3 minutes)
*Trailer (if you have one) can be edited into the interview as well as other images from your book!
*Edited and ready for immediate upload to your website!
*Yours forever to keep and distribute worldwide.
*Price includes upload to 10 bookmarking sites and 5 Social Media Sites+
*For a small additional fee, we will send a link to our 5000 Public Librarian to your interview and video trailer++
+more than 300 suitable for distribution
++5000 Librarians from US Public Libraries
(additional fee required).


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